ARCHIVE About – Telehealth

Alongside traditional Face To Face services, SALTIE uses Telehealth to support you.

The use of telehealth allows us flexibility to continue to provide services, and at the same time supporting staff and clients to maintain physical distance. You can connect to us via telehealth at your home, work, or other appropriate space.

Telehealth is where health services are provided over electronic media. This can include audio visual elements using a phone, computer or tablet. We can use Teams, Zoom, Skype, Jabber Guest and Facetime amongst other programs. You need access to the internet on your device for Telehealth to work.

We can simply use the phone (mobile or landline) to provide services, if this is the technology you feel most confident with.

Telehealth is an approved method of providing psychological and other health services. It has been used by SALTIE prior to COVID19 to service rural and remote clients. Our experience is that Telehealth can be an effective way to work with clients, care systems and deliver training.

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