ARCHIVE Consultancy – Tender Bidding Strategy

A compelling proposal requires insight into the psychology of comprehension, readability, relatability and the overall impression submissions provide.

Bid processes are demanding and ever-changing challenges. Psychology proves that factors from listening, to language and relationship building with the client affect the outcome. Tender success is rarely an individual achievement. Submissions typically draw on the collective skills of many disciplines.

Tender processes have a distinctive social psychology dimension, from the team to communication style, response strategy and interactions with the client.

SALTIE applies many years of combined experience and using psychological principles to fortify tender submission projects and raise success potential.

Submission Team
Putting a winning multi-disciplinary team together involves bonding diverse individuals to a common goal. A psychologist can help unify the team and achieve buy-in to high performance under stressful conditions.

Prospective Client
Developing a well targeted solution requires sound understanding of the client and its motivation for seeking submissions. SALTIE evaluates the culture, business drivers and intention behind the tender so a suitably persuasive response can be produced.

Creative Strategy
Typically organisations are affected by many influencers and invite tenders for reasons other than price. A psychologist offers valuable insight and deeper understanding of the organisation, its key decision makers, internal, external and political factors that will influence its decision.

Contextual Response
Responding to questions completely involves not only addressing fact gathering but understanding the context in which information is sought and evaluated. Psychology helps to interpret the cognitive and emotive impact of your submission by ensuring themes and key messages are clear to the reader.

SALTIE applies many years of combined experience