ARCHIVE Forensic – Assessments & Reports

A psychologist’s evaluation and report play an important role in providing specialist information regarding individuals or families.

SALTIE are engaged by authorities such as Courts, Lawyers, Child Protection, Corrections, and NDIS to elicit, interpret and articulate important clinical information and opinion. SALTIE also provide expert testimony during proceedings.

Our team enjoy in-depth knowledge of the legal, forensic disability, and adult and youth correctional system. We share extensive experience providing evidence-based opinion, analysis and recommendations in matters:

  • Crimes Mental Impairment Act (CMIA)
  • Detention and Supervision Order (DSO)
  • Child Protection Forensic Assessment
  • Child Protection Protective Capacity
  • Risk assessments for youth and adults
  • Forensic Disability
  • Functional Behavioural Analyses
  • Behaviour Support Plans
  • Cognitive Capacity and Adaptive skills
  • Evaluation of Sexual Interest Protocol (ESIP)
  • Diagnostic assessment, including personality functioning
  • Family Systems
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • VOCAT (Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal)
  • Service recommendation reports