ARCHIVE Innovative – Discovery

The SALTIE Discovery Program is a unique therapeutic program that combines empirically-based clinical treatment, essential life skills and outdoor survival training, in a highly experiential format.

Designed for participants who struggle to engage in traditional clinical settings, the SALTIE Discovery Program employs a nature based, hands-on approach to learning over the course of 10 intensive sessions, culminating in a full-day hike in a wilderness area. Participants will be challenged and inspired as they learn the five priorities of survival, practice navigating by the sun, learn to identify bush tucker, develop psychological flexibility, discover their resilience, and establish a strong sense of purpose in life. 

The objectives of the SALTIE Discovery Program are to:

  • Engage clients that find traditional static therapy settings unengaging;
  • Identify and develop a strong sense of personal values;
  • Grow the seeds of success including; positive attitude, goal setting, self-motivation, commitment, resilience, managing emotions, and teamwork;
  • Appreciate solitude and the value of relationships;
  • Promote a love of the Australian outdoors;
  • Learn essential outdoor and survival skills in a supportive environment;
  • Instil confidence in planning and undertaking an outdoor adventure.

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