Alison Griffiths

Speciality: Principal Psychologist

Style: conversational, authentic, reflective

Qualification: Bachelor of Behaviour Science (Hons), Doctorate of Psychology

Clinic Days: Mondays, Tuesdays

Bite into Life: Keep training with Rivs

Favourite Quote: 'Be curious, not judgmental' - misattributed to Walt Wittman, but definitely said by Ted Lasso.

Alison is a specialist Clinical and Forensic Psychologist. This expertise straddles mental health, forensic practice, supervision and consultancy. She’s the Director and Principal Psychologist at SALTIE, overseeing the Clinical work undertaken by the team as well as providing assessment and treatment directly with clients.

You’ll explore some tricky material in treatment – but feel safely held in the process by the therapeutic space Alison provides. There will likely be tears, as well as laughter – alongside moments of real self-discovery. Whilst sometimes the clinical work involves change, other times it might require deeper reflection on the value of one’s imperfections. Enduring and sustainable outcomes in therapy take time, and Alison will support with patience across your sessions. 

As a consultant, Alison has 20 years of experience with corporate clients on clinical and forensic psychological projects. She’s known as a collaborator, an innovator, and a passionate visionary of how applied psychology makes everything better. Alison has developed the clinical models for several services, written offender rehabilitation programs adopted by government and uses contemporary knowledge of the evidence base to inform practice and consulting.  

Having supervised and trained thousands of practitioners over the years, Alison holds positive connections across the sector. Alison is driven to support fellow professionals to work sustainably in their care-giving careers. Finding ways to simultaneously value client results alongside the practitioner experience is important in the supervision and consulting Alison provides.