Daimon Jenkins

Speciality: Business Manager

Style: thorough, hard-working, ethical

Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering  

Favourite Quote: I’m as proud of many of the things we haven’t done as the things we have done – Steve Jobs

With an eclectic background of roles, Daimon’s background reads as the perfect preparation for managing the business needs of a clinical company. He’s worked on major civil construction projects and sporting events like the Grand Prix. With local council, he’s consulted community about green space and implemented bespoke play grounds for children and youth. 

Contract management and the working relationships therein are amongst Daimon’s favourite parts of his SALTIE role. As co-owner of the business, he is personally and professionally invested in leading a clinical business of excellent reputation.

Having worked in high risk industries, Daimon is passionate about workplace safety. He ensures staff and invoices are paid. He checks SALTIE commitments are implemented well. He oversees the work of the Clinic Coordinators. He provides the business tools to the clinical staff. And he drinks way too much coffee.