Ewan Cameron

Speciality: Psychologist

Style: responsive, empathic, accountable

Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Master of Science (Psychology)

Clinic Days: Thursdays, Fridays

Bite into Life: Making significant inroads on writing a book

Favourite Quote: "Those whose courses are different cannot lay plans for one another" - Confucius

Ewan is a registered psychologist with experience in clinical and forensic settings. He has delivered group and one-to-one treatment in hospital, worked in offender rehabilitation, and has been in private practice since 2013. 

Over the years, Ewan has developed a strong appreciation for the role of accountability and responsibility in helping clients achieve their goals. Working with Ewan generally involves starting with your aims and identifying how you will measure progress. Ewan emphasises the necessity of trial and error in the shared journey towards recovery. Increasingly, Ewan finds role-plays, visualisation exercises and practical homework tasks to be the most effective components of his work with clients. 

Ewan is a registered supervisor with experience in group and individual supervision. He tries to encourage a responsive and empathic learning dynamic and is just as comfortable talking about his own mistakes and hurdles as he is inviting this from others.