At SALTIE, we help people

SALTIE’S team of Psychologists, Social Worker, Counsellor and Behaviour Support Practitioners care about discovering your full potential. We will listen to your goals and help you pursue what is important to you. In addition to traditional therapies, we offer a range of innovative experiences to promote wellbeing. Positive mental health is not achieved without investment; wellness is only enjoyed in the long term when we actively work to maintain it. We look forward to helping you get well and stay well. 

You’ll find us in a variety of settings and supporting diverse clientele.


Individual, couples and family counselling is available at SALTIE


SALTIE has qualified and experienced supervisors.  


SALTIE are clinical leaders in the youth, adult and disability justice systems

Disability Support

SALTIE is an NDIS Registered Provider 

Courses and Workshops

SALTIE run courses and workshops across the year

Innovative Experiences

SALTIE offers innovative experiences to support you

You deserve a practitioner who is invested in you.

Engage SALTIE and you’ll benefit from a unique breadth of experience, using various therapeutic approaches, with one common thread. Your wellness is our focus.

Fun Facts

Professional Associations

We are members of various professional organisations for Psychologists, Social Workers, Counsellors and Behaviour Support Practitioners. These associations support high standards of practice in our work.