By applying psychology principles, it is often possible to improve outcomes at the same time as creating a positive work environment.

Every workplace is unique, except for one thing. The team is what propels any organisation’s performance. If productivity is intrinsically linked with people, then happy, fulfilled and aligned staff mean a better performing business.

Corporate, commercial and non-profit organisations all experience entrenched problem behaviours from time to time. SALTIE supports management to identify, explore and resolve issues that underpin:

  • Leadership

  • Performance

  • Team Cohesion

  • Staff Retention

  • Satisfaction

  • Conflict

Care Teams

Care Teams

Care teams comprise members who need to work together to jointly determine actions and approaches with specific clients.

They can involve health professionals, case managers, families, and the client themselves. Jointly, care teams work to establish new ways to collaborate, communicate and cooperate in service of a client’s needs and goals.

SALTIE are experienced care team members. As well as participating in care teams, we can provide valuable insights int the essential ingredients to making them function well.  SALTIE skills are invaluable in:

  • growing collaborative, well-functioning care teams,

  • attracting, selecting and retaining quality staff in a client’s support and care,

  • change and transition management,

  • averting discontent and resolving conflict.