SALTIE’s training is distinct. Because all SALTIE facilitators are also practitioners, our training emphasizes applied learning. We are not reliant on PowerPoint presentations. Instead, we bring ideas and possibilities for learning into a workshop and empower participants to connect these to their work. We use rehearsal, case discussion, facilitator modelling and introduce practical tools and resources.


We support and extend learning through responsive teaching.

We liaise with workshop organisers to understand the training need at a nuanced level. Because of our knowledge of the field and extensive training experience, we also make suggestions to learning and development teams about how to best ‘hit the mark’ with training. We evaluate all our training to continuously improve. Our training feedback consistently highlights the benefits of using SALTIE’s knowledgeable and applied facilitators.


We work hard to ensure our workshops are interesting, supportive and fun. This helps combat the challenges associated with the complex psychological and practice issues that arise in your work.

SALTIE facilitates training on a variety of topics.

  • Case formulation

  • Clinical Supervision skills and approaches

  • Strengths based intervention in the disability sector

  • Responsive care with clients with cognitive impairment

  • Mental disorder

  • Group facilitation skills

  • Medicine of the Mind (for Monash University Medicine students only)