At the core of all forensic treatment is helping people understand themselves and their own behaviour. This may be complicated by the multifaceted set of personal, familial, social, health and mental health issues many clients experience.

SALTIE staff are experienced in  delivering interventions addressing:

  • Self harm and suicide risk

  • Behaviours of concern

  • Treatment Readiness

  • Sexual / violent offender rehabilitation

  • Drug and alcohol addiction

  • Social, cognitive and life skills

  • Self Regulation

  • Developmental and other trauma

  • Enhanced relationships

  • Release Preparation and Transition.


Many of SALTIE clients experience a complex array of life issues. Supporting the team who support the individual is an important part of our contribution. SALTIE is known for its collegiate, respectful and non-elitist approach to other professionals and the families of forensic clients.

Our psychologists focus intervention not just on responding to risk, but also on building future focused healthy lifestyles: one that includes personal pillars of success. That may involve finding work, pursuing interests, re-connecting with the community or finding freedom from emotional unrest.