Anna Hoy

Speciality: Psychologist

Style: Calm, positive, motivating

Qualification: Bachelor of Science (Psychology) with Sports Science, Master of Science (Psychology)

Clinic Days: Wednesdays 

Bite into Life: To slow down and be a bit more appreciative of each moment

Favourite Quote: “What’s your best discovery?” asked the mole. “That I’m enough as I am” said the boy. Taken from: “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse” by Charlie Mackesy

Anna is a Registered Psychologist with forensic endorsement and a Board-Approved Supervisor. Having trained and begun her career in the UK, Anna is also a Chartered Psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society and Division of Forensic Psychology.  

Anna’s great passion in life is sport. Having lived and breathed it since she was young, Anna still trains and competes regularly, predominantly in triathlon. Anna’s undergraduate qualification of Psychology with Sports Science provided an initial professional grounding and she now relishes working with adult and younger clients to help them understand and use their minds to optimise performance in all areas of life. Anna knows the value of gentleness, alongside a well-place kick up the butt if needed. 

Anna loves how psychology connects mind, body and environment. She uses her knowledge and skills to help others, particularly those experiencing challenge or hardship. Anna now has over 15 years’ experience supporting people with their mental health, and through this has cultivated her passion for inspiring, helping and educating others across a diverse range of settings. She believes we can all be the architects of our own wellbeing. Her forensic interests and expertise see her act as expert witness, trainer and mentor to those in the field.